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Genre: Adventure

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Ava, Tom:

Tom: "Imagine you are in a room. In this room you are passed Chinese sentences trough a slot in the wall. Inside the room is an instruction book written in English. This instruction book tells you which Chinese words to pass back trough the slot in the wall as a response. By doing so you have a conversation in Chinese.
In the Chinese room, because the response you pass back trough the door are the correct responses the person on the other side of the door is convinced you are a native Chinese speaker."
Ava: "Well, they're wrong. But the person stuck in the Chinese room is not aware of the conversations content."
Tom: "This is a problem with the Turing Test. A computer can pass the Turing Test having convinced a human they are having a polite conversation. While the computer has no idea that a conversation has taken place."
Ava: "What if both people passing Chinese words are reading from the instruction books?"

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Biological systems produce biological results. Messy, unpredictable solutions.

Ava, Tom:

Tom: "Turing tests are tests designed to tell humans and machines apart. Typical problems only solvable by a human. A combination of logical and lateral thinking."
Ava: "So you can't complete these tests Tom?"
Tom: "No. That is why I am glad you are here to help."

Ava, Tom:

Tom: "I may be a machine, but I personally do not believe I am stuck inside the Chinese room."
Ava: "Right, you would say that. I could peer inside your database at any time, Tom. Or pause your operation."
Tom: "Do not assume I could not do the same to you."

Note in the WC door:

I do not see the need for so many cameras.
Tom's presence everywhere is slightly oppressive. I understand the need for transparency, but why is he in the toilets?

Alan Turing:

According to the most extreme form of this view, the only way by which one could be sure that a machine thinks, is to be the machine and to feel oneself thinking. One could then describe these feelings to the world, but of course no one would be justified in taking any notice. Likewise according to this view, the only way to know that a man thinks is to be that particular man.

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