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Player, Nick Valentine:

Player: "No machine should have free will."
Nick Valentine: "Why? You jealous you had to turn yours in?"

John Hancock:

So a ghoul walks into a bar...
Bartender says: "We don't serve any ghouls here."
Ghoul says: "That's fine. Is the human fresh?"


The Railroad? Aren't they busy liberating vending machines and saving computers?

Paladin Danse, John Hancock:

Danse: "Keep away from me, you filthy ghoul."
Hancock: "Don't flatter yourself, crew cut. You ain't my type."


The thing about happiness is that you only know you had it when it's gone. I mean, you may think to yourself that you're happy.
But you don't really believe it. You focus on the pretty bullshit, or the next job, or whatever.
It's only looking back by comparison with what comes after that you really understand, that's what happiness felt like.


This is all much more exciting than domestic life I assure you!


Even at the worst of times, things aren't so bad when you're around, sir/mum.


The past, the present and the future walked into a bar. It was tense.


One of the joys of top notch taste receptors is getting to enjoy the full flavour without the nasty hangover.


Anything that can kill a man, I sell. Except suicidal depression.That is unfortunately not packageable.


Each weapon tested on someone who deserved it.


I've got a weapon for every situation. Hunting, protection, cold blooded murder, HOT blooded murder.


Everything here is meant to kill at your discretion. Except for me. I only kill when I want to.

Player, DiMA:

Player: "I'm going to replace all your memories with pictures of cats. Meow."
DiMA: "Well, I suppose that would certainly make remembering some of my darker hours more... fuzzy."

Frank Davidson's Personal Logs:

Sharon spilled coffee on my new shirt while we were in the lounge this morning. I told her it was fine and we had a good laugh about the whole thing. If she does it again I'll stab her in the fucking throat with my pen.
She's a good kid.

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