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A Quote from The Witcher 3 - Hearts of Stone

Olgierd von Everec

You must be careful what you wish for lest your wish be granted. For there are consequences.

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If the rules of physics no longer apply in the future, then god help you.

Michael, Steve Haines:

Michael: Alright... the fuck is this bullshit? We handled your little immigration problem or whatever the fuck it was. We're straight.
Steve Haines: Oh absolutely... yeah, yeah. You killed people, you tortured people, committed a litany of other crimes... Oh we're so straight you and me, we're arrows.

Game: GTA V
Jimmy, Michael:

Jimmy De Santa: Hey, let's bounce.
Michael De Santa: Bounce? We're bouncing now? Is that what we're doing? Jesus fucking Christ.

Game: GTA V
Liberty Prime:


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The United States Military does not condone the killing of civilians.

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