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Epic Lines: the best Quotes in Gaming history
Featured Game: Baldur's Gate 3

A Quote from Baldur's Gate 3


Enjoy myself? There's a worm in my brain, I'm surrounded by idiots, and all I've got to drink is wine that tastes like vinegar.

Submitted by Cytarz

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Goblin Warrior:

Go on. Give the worgs some Booze! They'll love it.


I wanna ride you until you see stars.


It’s been seven years since I left. It’s no paradise - but it’s home. And it’s worth saving.


You could've asked me to do the same - to throw myself at her, what I wanted be damned. But you didn’t. And I’m grateful.


I want to wake up beside a handsome virgin every morning, but life doesn't give us what we want.

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