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V, Sergei

V: You Sergei?
Sergei: Nice of you to ask. Lately I feel there is neon sign over my head that says "Sergei who fuck with Tiger Claws."

Submitted by Cytarz

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Once upon a time, people were talking to graves and nobody batted an eyelid, right?

Meredith Stout:

Sometimes two people find themselves at the wrong place at the right time.


Well, that way you'd kill two souls. Is that what you want?

Johnny about Joshua:

He's fucked in the head, the world's fucked in the head - and you're fucked in the head 'cause MY fucked up head is inside it.
Guess if you want to save the world, that's the first step - get fucked in the head.


Sushi in Night City...? Sounds like suicide. And somehow disrespectful.

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