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Epic Lines: the best Quotes in Gaming history
Featured Game: Baldur's Gate 3

A Quote from Baldur's Gate 3


Wyll gave up his father to have freedom? An understandable decision.

Submitted by Cytarz

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Not what will happen - what will you do. Your past is not yet lost. Your future is not yet fixed.


I want to wake up beside a handsome virgin every morning, but life doesn't give us what we want.


In a thousand years, when I’ve all but forgotten how to love yet again, you’ll flit back into my heart, and I’ll weep, wondering what happened to my mad love.


It’s been seven years since I left. It’s no paradise - but it’s home. And it’s worth saving.


Smashing! Soon, my friend - soon we can share a flagon of something liquid and a tale of derring-do!

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