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Epic Lines: the best Quotes in Gaming history
Featured Game: Baldur's Gate 3

A Quote from Baldur's Gate 3


Not what will happen - what will you do. Your past is not yet lost. Your future is not yet fixed.

Submitted by Cytarz

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The alliance is reforged, mortal. The planes thus quake, and the gods shudder.


Enjoy myself? There's a worm in my brain, I'm surrounded by idiots, and all I've got to drink is wine that tastes like vinegar.


Smashing! Soon, my friend - soon we can share a flagon of something liquid and a tale of derring-do!

Elminster to Gale:

Like moons make swell and wane the nescient seas, so too the sky-strewn gods ordain the tidal fates of mortal days. And yet - a notion born in lonely hours - come ebb, come flow, come all that is beyond the breadth of our dominion: be a moon unto yourself. Even the waves of fate can break upon the shores of will.

Owlbear Cub:

You smell very delicious, but I will not bite you.

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