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Epic Lines: the best Quotes in Gaming history
Featured Game: Baldur's Gate 3

A Quote from Baldur's Gate 3


You could've asked me to do the same - to throw myself at her, what I wanted be damned. But you didn’t. And I’m grateful.

Submitted by Cytarz

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But loneliness that deep gets into the marrow. Now that I’m here - among friends - I can feel it burning out of me. Little by little, step by step.


Not what will happen - what will you do. Your past is not yet lost. Your future is not yet fixed.


You were never burdened with intelligence, but your load seems to be especially light these days.

Apostle of Myrkul:

For I am death. And I am not the end - I am a beginning.


Enjoy myself? There's a worm in my brain, I'm surrounded by idiots, and all I've got to drink is wine that tastes like vinegar.

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