Action Quotes

Radio Ad:

Vote YES to proposition 208 and legalize medical Cocaine.

Trevor to Ron:

Now go! I need to meditate. Or masturbate. Or both.


I’m not stoned at all. Hell no, not at all. Completely not stoned. I’m completely not stoned. I’m straight. Completely straight. I could do anything. Shitt, I could be a brain surgeon. Brain surgery, I could do that. Uhh, I shoulda been a surgeon. That’s what I shoulda been…

Lamar to Franklin:

Maybe if you got rid of that old Yee-Yee ass haircut you got you’d get some bitches on your dick.

Beverly the Paparazzo :

She looks like a bloodhound in front of a wind mill.

Trevor, Franklins aunt:

Trevor: "Well, hello there beautiful. Here, (hands over money) go buy yourself something nice.”
Aunt: “This is seven dollars?!?!”
Trevor: “I said something nice, not something expensive…!"

Redwood Cigarettes ad:

Redwood Cigarettes: great for when you're resting in the hospital, playing tennis, or jogging.

Internet ad:

Yoga unifies the mind and body while freeing you from the limitations of dignity and self-respect. It's a work out, a philosophy, and a metaphor all rolled into one. It is everything. It is nothing. Be. Be nothing.

Police helicopter co-pilot:

Have you read the manual for this thing?


GTA, pretty much the same as the last game.


It was crazy as hell. He must've been tweaking. I know I am. You got a washing machine I could take apart?


That girl is beat up from the feet up.

TV producer:

Chinese people – who wants to get killed in our movie?

Radio alert:

The police are asking citizens to be alert and mistrustful of anyone who doesn't look like them.

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